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Tile plinth

Marble tile plinth split

kolota-marmur-black  kolota-marmur-jovt  kolota-marmur-kor  kolota-marmur-red  kolota-marmur-t-kor
Tiles marble plinth chopped black  Tiles marble plinth chopped yellow  Tiles marble plinth chipped brown  Tiles marble plinth chopped red Tiles marble plinth chopped dark brown




Tile plinth ragged rock

skel-black  skel-jovt  skel-red  skel-svet-kor  skelya-t-kor
Tile plinth ragged black rock Tile plinth rock torn yellow Tile plinth ragged red rock Tile plinth ragged brown rock Tile plinth ragged rock dark brown


Tile plinth ragged “rock”.
Size: 250 * 22 * 120mm.
Weight: 1,75kh.
Consumption 31sht / m².

 Due to its high levels of water absorption and frost tile socle main purpose of course is finishing foundation parts of buildings in order to visually separate from the main part of the basement walls and the allocation of individual sections of door and window openings and columns. Due to its small thickness, this product is also used for decorating interiors.

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