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Filing roof – Spotlights

 Spotlights – a type of vinyl siding, which is used for the binder horizontal surfaces. The most popular in our country spotlights binder acquired at the eaves (piddashkiv) when constructing roofs on homes.

sofital2    Security of cornices from direct sunlight and UV exposure allows manufacturers to use spotlights saturated colors during its manufacture to provide decorative appeal of the product.

   Spotlights are generally produced in two basic colors: white and brown. And in three versions: dull, with partial perforation and punched.


  Our company is based on personal experience, offering consumers the most common kind of soffit – with partial perforation. This invoice is the most attractive in terms of design and allows the roof to “breathe” passing air through the holes. Spotlights, like all vinyl siding is resistant to environmental influences, cold and heat; and has a light weight. These characteristics make it a winner among the materials for decorative ceiling outdoors.

   Scheme assembly:
   For piddashkiv binder, with the aim of saving, we suggest using the bar zashyvky under the soffit of our production. It is made of metal and performs two functions at once: close the frontal wooden board and batten hides clipped edge.
The scheme bracket is highlighted in red.

sxema copy


Also, when mounting batten necessary additional components:

J-profil S251 copySoedinit Profil S281 copy


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