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Colors and textures



   RAL – German color standard, developed in 1927 by the State Committee of the conditions of supply at the request of producers lacquer and paint industries. Today – this is one of the major standards for manufacturers koleruvannya roofing tin. Scale RAL Classic currently includes 213 colors.

   In this table are the most commonly used roofing tin producers colors.
For more realistychnosi and understanding of color on our website is not generated virtual samples and photographed with real elements.

color RAL


   In addition, tin roofing has several textures: glossy, mat shallow and large mat.  



   You should also pay attention to the color TM “Ruukki”. Ruukki – Finnish manufacturer of roofing tin. It has a color system.



Ruukki colors

   Textures takizh as other manufacturers. Close-mate – Pural Matt (Puma), shallow mat – PEMA, and gloss – Pe.

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