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Caps on columns

Caps on columns

Metal caps on poles – effective and stylish way to protect your outer fence of the environment.
The design zrobleta caps so that eliminates the penetration of sediment column on the fence. Our caps have only one seam, which increases the rigidity of the product, and executed without rivets. All cut edges of the metal pidhynayutsya and hidden inside to prevent contact with moisture and corrosion. The possibility of leakage of water under the cap design: all pidhyny performed at a certain angle, which makes draining and stripping peas without falling to the upper rows of bricks.
Caps are made ​​of high quality metal appropriate thickness. Which provides sufficient rigidity even products with large geometric dimensions.
All caps are made ​​according to your size, which makes it possible to take into account deviations in the size of each of the columns of the fence.
Also, often there are cases that the columns are irregular in shape, such a problem can be solved only caps individual form.

 magistr                 optima                  pekin
Master   Optima   Beijing
 prostiy    standart-keykoviy-falts    standart
Simple   Classic (rail fold)   Classic
diodna-pidsvit150   faska150   grand150
Grand + Diodna pisvitka   Chamfer   Grandee
vismykytnyk150    klasychniypolosa-nerjav150     


  Classic + stainless steel strip.    
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