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Metal fences

   If you want to protect his land, and do not take long, massive fences and deaf; or would like to put a fence around the tidy flower garden or decorative separate area of the yard, our company knows what you offer.
   Easy shtahetni fences – just what you need! They are made ​​of tin roofing that is not afraid to ultraviolet sunlight, moisture and frost. These fences will last you a long time. They create a feeling of massiveness and inaccessibility, do zatinnya for plants growing underneath. In addition, the fence – a face of the host, so the richness of colors and textures tin will draw on his own.

Profiles shtahetnyh bars

DSC 4865
   Rods have a standard width – 120 mm levels and several standard heights: 0,31m, 0,625m, 1,25m, 1,8m. If necessary, it is possible to perform a custom height. Zavaltsovani land strips, this prevents injury by contact and increases their strength.

One-way and two-way option fence

   Fences – very versatile product as it can successfully change the configuration, mounting shtahety from one or both sides. Each option has its advantages and find supporters.
   On the plus-sided fence above. But the two-way option for those who need to protect the area of interest from the side. And often, the owners of the Deaf fences complain about the lack of air passing the construction site. It is this lack of resolve and bilateral fences with tin. Shtahety they are located so that air smoothly passes in the gap between them and the bilateral arrangement in strips overlap protects your privacy from the curiosity of passersby.

Location of shtahet in a bilateral format.

   Also popular is the decision of the fence with brick columns and bars shtahetnymy its run. Large columns serve as a kind of architectural accent wall. The material on the columns of bricks ideal texture torn our production. Examples which you can view in the gallery bricks.

The height of the fence regarding human growth


2121   For low fences Our company offers a budget version of the guide.
It can be a U-shape tin plate with our production, which significantly z’yekonomyt costs for the purchase of pipes from ferrous metal and executed in one color of your fence.

 1212  To offer the option of bilateral connect two such strips (as shown), which further increases their strength and will strengthen shtahety on both sides.

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