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Decorative brick povnotila

             Brick smooth solid

glad-pov-black  glad-pov-jovt  glad-pov-red  glad-pov-sv-kor  glad-pov-t-kor
 Smooth black povnotila  Smooth yellow povnotila  Smooth red povnotila  Smooth povnotila svitlokorychneva

Smooth dark brown povnotila

Brick flat bricks.          
Size: 250 * 120 * 65mm. Weight: 4,0kh. Consumption 52sht / m².

 Hyper brick due to its dense and heavy-duty structure has the best characteristics close to natural stone:
– longevity
– compression strength: M250
– frost: 75-100tsyklov
– Water: not more than 10%
– thermal conductivity: 0.65 – 0.75 W / m * K
Polnotely smooth brick used for exterior use: building facades, arbors, fences and areas etc. ,
And for domestic, interior, interior walls and fireplaces.


 Brick ragged “rock”

rvana-skelya-chern rvana-skelya-cherv rvana-skelya-jovt   rvana-skelya-sv-kor  rvana-skelya-t-kor
 Torn “rock” black  Torn “rock” red  Torn “rock” yellow  Torn “rock” the light brown  Torn “rock” dark brown

Brick ragged “rock”.                    
  Size: 250 * 100 * 65mm. Weight: 3,4kh.
Consumption 52sht / m.                      
         Brick ragged “rock” gets its name from the invoice provided on the front of the product that is obtained by machining and allows us to provide unique in its terrain shape that resembles a solid rock. The bulk of the sales of this product accounted for facades of buildings, where about 70-80% is used bricks torn from one face. Also in the construction of fences torn brick used to fill the space between the posts, usually depending on the height of the fence is shown on volume purchases of bricks.


Brick ragged “rock” bilateral

rvan-skel-dvos-black  rvan-skel-dvos-jovt  rvan-skel-dvos-red  rvan-skel-dvos-sv-kor  rvan-skel-dvos-t-kor
 Brick ragged “rock” double-sided black  Brick ragged “rock” two-way yellow  Brick ragged “rock” double-sided red  Brick ragged “rock” the light brown sided Brick ragged “rock” bilateral dark brown

              Size: 250 * 80 * 65mm. Weight: 2,8kh.
Consumption 52sht / m.
  Brick ragged “rock” bilateral – bricks position whose main purpose is building walls, which should get the texture on both sides of the wall. Used in the construction of fences, arbors and walls in the home construction where necessary to preserve the space of the room, and at the same time receive a decorative surface on both sides. A similar version of receipt of decorating walls is to use halves on both sides of the texture, but this method usually does not give the maximum saving floor space.                         


 Brick ragged bonder “rock”

 ran-skel-tych-black ran-skel-tych-jovt  ran-skel-tych-red  ran-skel-tych-sv-kor  ran-skel-tych-t-kor
 Brick ragged bonder “rock” black  Brick ragged bonder “rock” yellow Brick ragged bonder “rock” red  Brick ragged bonder “rock” the light brown Brick ragged bonder “rock” dark brown

           Size: 230 * 100 * 65mm. Weight: 3,2kh. Consumption 39sht / m².             
          Production of bricks Hyper provides shading dye mixture pressed the entire mass, so the further processing of bricks (giving it a given invoice) its color remains constant and uniform. The most common place to use torn bonder brick fences are usually on a pole where all parties must obtain a decorative texture, as bonder brick used on the outer corners of buildings and chimneys.


Brick chipped marble 

kolot-mar-black  kolot-mar-jovt  kolot-mar-red  kolot-mar-sv-kor  kolot-mar-t-kor
 Chopped black marble  Chopped yellow marble Chopped red marble  The light brown marble chopped  Chopped dark brown marble


Brick split “marble”.             
 Size: 250 * 100 * 65mm.
Weight: 3,35kh.
Consumption 52sht / m². 


Brick chipped marble bilateral

kolot-marmur-dvust-chern  kolot-marmur-dvust-cherv  kolot-marmur-dvust-jovt  kolot-marmur-dvust-sv-kor  kolot-marmur-dvust-t-kor
Chopped sided black marble  Chopped red marble bilateral  Chopped yellow marble bilateral  Chipped the light brown marble bilateral Chopped dark brown marble bilateral

Brick split “marble” bidirectional.           
   Size: 250 * 80 * 65mm.
Weight: 2,7kh.
Consumption 52sht / m².


Bonder brick split “marble”

kolot-tych-mar-black   kolot-tych-mar-jovt kolot-tych-mar-red  kolot-tych-mar-sv-kor  kolot-tych-mar-t-kor
 Bonder brick split “marble” chornna  Bonder brick split “marble” yellow  Bonder brick split “marble” red  Bonder brick split “marble” the light brown Bonder brick split “marble” dark brown


Bonder brick split “marble”.            
  Size: 230 * 100 * 65mm.
Weight: 3,05kh.
Consumption 39sht / m².
 Compared with torn brick split brick has less relief texture, which gives certain advantages this product depending on where its use . Application chopped bonder brick is the same as in the ragged brick, but if dekoruyema surface whether it be a building or a fence near the road or roads with heavy traffic, choosing textures, better to prefer chipped brick, since the smoother texture sediment mud and dust will be lower, which will more than keep the surface in good condition at no additional cost to clean it. 


Bricks lightning

blysk-black  blysk-jovt  blysk-red  blysk-sv-kor  blysk-t-kor
 black Lightning  Lightning yellow  red Lightning  Lightning the light brown Lightning dark brown

Brick “lightning”.
Size: 250 * 115 * 65mm. Weight: 3,75kh.
Consumption 52sht / m².                     


Brick two-way zipper

blysk-dvust-black  blysk-dvust-jovt  blysk-dvust-red  blysk-dvust-sv-kor  blysk-dvust-t-kor
 Lightning bidirectional black  Lightning bidirectional yellow  Lightning bidirectional red  Lightning bidirectional svitlokorychneva
Lightning bidirectional dark brown

Brick “lightning” bilateral.
Size: 250 * 110 * 65mm.
Weight: 3,65kh.
Consumption 52sht / m².       


Bricks lightning bonder

blysk-tych-black  blysk-tych-jovt  blysk-tych-red  blysk-tych-sv-kor  blysk-tych-t-kor
 Lightning bonder black  Lightning bonder yellow  Lightning bonder red  Lightning bonder the light brown Lightning bonder dark brown

Bonder brick “lightning”.
Size: 245 * 115 * 65mm. Weight: 3,7kh.
Consumption 36sht / m².
 The main criterion for production no matter who the manufacturer: Bassoon, Litos or T & Z, is the technology of production depends on the quality of manufactured products. Therefore, T & Z uses only quality certified raw materials and fully control the process of production. For invoices “lightning” must be followed carefully processing technology products to get the original look of each brick. Use bonder brick “lightning” in the construction of buildings or fences dekoruyemiy site provides not only reliable and durable performance, but also original and unique appearance.

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