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Decorative brick schilynna

Brick smooth crevice.


 black Jovta kor red t-kor
Brick smooth black crevice Brick smooth crevice yellow Brick smooth crevice brown Brick red smooth crevice Brick smooth crevice dark brown


     Size: 250 * 120 * 65mm. Weight: 2,9kh. Consumption 52sht / m².

  Our company T & Z makes bricks by moist pressing for European technology which adhere to all standards required for yakistnoho product. Benefits slit bricks:

– The use of a slit of brick wall can reduce thermal conductivity by air cavities, which serves as additional insulation of the building.

– Crevice brick by their lighter weight reduces the load on the foundation that allows its use in high-rise construction.

– A large range of colors makes it easy to compete with producers of ceramic brick.

– A lightweight bricks can save on transportation at 30%.

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