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Facade tiles

Chipped marble tile

kolota-mar-black  kolota-mar-jovt  kolota-mar-red  kolota-mar-sv-kor  kolota-mar-t-kor
Marble tile chipped black  Marble tile chipped yellow  Chopped red marble tile  Facing the light brown marble cobbles Marble tile chipped dark brown

Facing split “marble”.
Size: 250 * 20 * 65mm.
Weight: 0,65kh.
Consumption 52sht / m².

 T & Z offers nayhitovishyy product of our company chipped tiles “marble”, which by its price economically most favorable product for decorating facades and interiors in the segment. While this product has the lowest price, as it has many advantages over other decorative materials:
– dekoruэma surface visual look of full bricks, which in turn gives it the appearance of a solid and reliable design.
– Cost of transportation is much smaller compared to the more severe materials such as bricks, bottles, sandstone and others.
– compared to painted surfaces and shtukaturenymy materials such as bark beetle, mineral plaster, exterior paint, etc. Then chipped tiles “marble” more durable product with time not needing repainting and restoration.


Facing ragged rock

rvan-skel-black  rvan-skel-jovt  rvan-skel-kor  rvan-skel-red  rvan-skel-t-kor
 Facing ragged black rock  Facing ragged rock yellow  Facing ragged brown rock  Facing ragged red rock Facing ragged rock dark brown

Facing ragged “rock”.
Size: 250 * 19 * 65mm.
 Weight: 0,65kh.
Consumption 52sht / m².

  Rated dekoruyemu surface texture of “The Rock” may be obtained without additional load on foundation basis especially if the process of restoration or new construction through the existing foundation width does not allow full ragged bricks as necessary to further increase the width of the foundation base. Based on this, our company T & Z offers a more economical and rational way of decorating facades and interiors torn tiles “Rock”, which will serve as a good alternative to a complete front brick.


antique tiles

plyt-ant-black  plyt-ant-jovt  plyt-ant-red  plyt-ant-svkor  plyt-ant-tkor
Facing antik black  Facing antik yellow  Antik red tile  Facing the light brown antik Facing antik dark yellow

Tile “Antique”.
Size: 250 * 18 * 65mm.
 Weight: 0,6kh.
Consumption 52sht / m².

 The new product of our company, which has original antique look. The texture of each tile never repeated that provides unsurpassed surface dekoruyemiy antique look. Tile “antique” for every connoisseur of all the original should be the perfect complement to all architectural solutions both for internal and external decoration. A wide range of colors, performance enhancing resistance, water absorption and perfect look helps you get uncompromising choice for decorating facades and interiors.

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