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Caps for chimneys and ventilation

Caps for chimneys and ventilation

 On this page, you can find the basic types of design for caps on chimneys and ventilation shafts.

dvoskat otvir pid trubu                 klasychniy                 kovpak na dymohid 
 Dvoskatnyy + otvir during pipe    Classic   Standard 20+ zhalyuzi
standart-20   standart   zont
 Standard 20   Standard 45   Umbrella
 modern    P3100001   hotyn150
 Modern    Umbrella + vane   Hawtin
hotyn shpily  



clasik iskrogasnyk

   clasik fluger
Hawtin spiers +    Classic + spark arrester    Classic + vane
DSC 9641        
Standard 20 + Stainless blinds        


 Additional Services:


To protect the chimney or ventilation from falling leaves and birds in addition to the cover around the perimeter traction, installed galvanized metal. This grid virtually invisible from the ground




With the same objectives using metal shutters, which are set around the perimeter traction.


 As for the ‘hot’ hoods, ie those used for heating, there is the question of additional protection structures from the damaging effects of smoke or combustion products. In order to neutralize this effect and prolong the life of the product, the mid cap additionally filed metalom.V depending on the temperature at the outlet of the chimney may be either galvanized sheet steel or stainless steel.

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